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This Supplement to the Provisional Roll of Service has 
been closed on June 30, 191 6, so as to cover a full year from 
the close of the Provisional Roll issued in July, 191 5, with Vol. 
II. of the Aberdeen University Review. 

The Supplement, which follows the same divisions as the 
Roll, contains not only all new names reported during the year, 
but the names of any transferred from one branch of "H.M.'s 
Forces to another and of all previously reported in the ranks 
who have now been commissioned. A list is also given of 
graduates serving under the British Red Cross Society. This 
is far from complete. 

The list of the fallen, eighty-four, is given from the begin- 
ning. It has not been found possible to give a full list of the 
wounded ; they number over one hundred and thirty. 

The references within brackets are to the pages of the 
Provisional Roll ; those without brackets are to the pages of 
this Supplement. 

An article by the Principal entitled "Two years of War : 
The Record of the University," appears on pp. 214-33 °f tne 
number of the Review with which this Supplement is issued ; 
and a summary of the numbers of graduates, alumni, and 
students on service will be found on p. 215. 

Corrections and Additions should be addressed to, 
and will be gratefully received by, 


Marischal College, Aberdeen. 


3n flDemortam . 

I. The Staff .... 

II. Graduates 

Commissioned . 


Attested . 

British Red Cross Society 

III. Alumni . 

Enlisted . 

IV. Students . 



Officers Training Corps, Aberdeen University 





2 5 



Summary of Provisional Roll and this Supplement 


Jn flftemodam. 

Medical Officer Thomas Peppe Fraser, H.M. Colonial 
Medical Service, West African Medical Staff, attached 
to troops on reconnaissance on the eastern frontier of 
Nigeria, where he was killed in action, 5 September, 
1914, aged 35 M.B., Ch.B., '01 

Maj. Alexander Kirkland Robb, 2nd Batt. Durham Light 
Infantry, died of wounds received in action, France, 

20 September, 191 4 Matr. Student, '89 
Surgeon William Mellis Mearns, Royal Navy, sank with 

H.M.S. "Formidable," 1 Jan., 1915, aged 31 M.B., Ch.B., '08 
Lieut. -Col. William Henry Gray, Indian Medical Service, 

died on recall to Service, January, aged 52 M.B., Ch.B., '86 

Lieut. Angus Forsyth Legge, attached Singapore Volun- 
teer Corps, killed in the Singapore Mutiny, 16 
February, aged 25 M.B., Ch.B., '12 

2nd Lieut. Lewis Neil Griffith Ramsay, 3rd, attd. 2nd, 
Batt. Gordon Hrs., killed in action at Neuve Chapelle, 

21 March, aged 25 

M.A., 191 1 ; B.Sc. (with special distinction in Botany), '12 
Lance-Corpl. Edward Watt, 4th Seaforth Hrs., died 22 
March, of wounds received in action at Neuve 
Chapelle, 10 March, aged 23 B.Sc. (Agr.), '14 

Private James Orr Cruickshank, D (late U) Coy. 4th Batt. 

Gordon Hrs., killed in Flanders, 15 April, aged 19 1st Sci. 

Sergt Victor Charles MacRae, D (late U) Coy. 4th Batt. 
Gordon Hrs., killed in Flanders when attempting 
to remove a wounded comrade, 21 April, aged 23 

M.A., 1st Class Hons. in Classics, '14 
Sergt. Alexander Skinner, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs., killed 
in action in Flanders, 22 April, aged 31 

Teacher in Dumbarton ; Arts & Sci. Stud., '09-' 11 

2 In Memoriam 

Corpl. Keith Mackay, D (late U) Coy. 4th Batt. Gordon 
Hrs., died 28 April, in a Casualty Clearing Hospital, 
France, of wounds received in action, 20 March, 
aged 20 2nd Arts & 1st Med. ; M.A., '15 

Private Alexander Mitchell, D (late U) Coy. 4th Batt. 
Gordon Hrs., died 28 April, in a Field Hosp, 
France, of wounds received 27 April, aged 25 2nd Arts 

Lieut. Geoffrey Gordon (p. 15), Special Reserve, attd. 12th 
(Pr. of Wales Royal) Lancers, killed in action in 
Flanders, 30 April I.C.S. ; M.A., '03 

Private David Wood Crichton, D (late U)Coy. 4th Gordon 

Hrs., killed in action, Flanders, 7 May, aged 18 1st Agr. 

Private John Forbes Knowles, D (late U) Coy. 4th Batt. 
Gordon Hrs., killed in action, Flanders, 5 May, aged 
24 United Free Church Div. Student ; M.A.,'12 

Sapper James Sanford Murray, 51st (Highl. Divisional) 
Signal. Coy. (formerly Pte. E Coy., 4th Batt. Gordon 
Hrs.), died in a Field Hospital, France, of wounds 
received the same day, 27 May, aged 20 2nd Arts 

Private Robert Hugh Middleton, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs., 

killed in action, Flanders, 1 June, aged 22 3rd Arts 

Private Marianus Alex. Cumming, 4th Gordon Hrs., killed 
in action, Flanders, 14 June, aged 23 

Asst. Teacher, Kemnay ; M.A., '12 

Private Hany Lyon, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs., killed in 

action, Flanders, 17 June, aged 22 2nd Arts 

Lieut. Wm. Leslie Scott, 5th Gordon Hrs., killed in action, 

Flanders, 16 June, aged 22 3rd Med. 

L.-Corpl. Andrew Thomson Fowlie, 4th Gordon Hrs., killed 

in action, Flanders, 16 June, aged 26 Un. Dipl. Agr., '09 

Private James Clapperton Forbes, 4th Gordon Hrs., killed 

in action, Flanders, 16 June, aged 20 3rd Agr. 

Private Robert Patrick Gordon, 4th Gordon Hrs., killed in 

action, Flanders, 17 June, aged 19 2nd Arts 

Private James Whyte, 4th Gordon Hrs., died of wounds 

received in action, 16 June, aged 21 2nd Arts 

L.-Sergt. Alex. David Duncan, 4th Gordon Hrs., died of 

wounds received in action, 16 or 17 June, aged 21 M.A., '14 

In Memoriam 3 

L-Corpl. Murdo Maclver, 4th Gordon Hrs., killed in 

action, Flanders, 19 June, aged 20 3rd Agr. 

Private George McSween, 4th Gordon Hrs., killed in 

action, 16 June, aged 23 Aberdeen Training Centre 

2nd Lieut. Frederick Alexander Rose, 4th Batt. Gordon 
Hrs., killed in action in Flanders, 10 August, aged 25 

M.A, 1st Hons. Eng., '11 ; B.A., Oxon. 

Lance-Corpl. James Cruickshank, 3rd, trsf., 1st Batt. 
Gordon Hrs., died of wounds received in action in 
Flanders, July, 191 5 1st Arts; 3rd Bursar, '14 

Sergt. John McLean Thomson, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs., 
killed in action in Flanders, July, 191 5, aged 26 

United Free Church Div. Student ; M.A, 'il 

Sergt. Alexander Allardyce, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs., Sergt. 
of Bombers, killed in action in Flanders, 20 July, 
191 5, aged 30 M.A., '04 ; B.L. 

Capt. Arthur Kellas, 89th Field Ambulance, killed in action 

on the Dardanelles, 5 August, 191 5, aged 31 M.B., '06 

? Douglas Jamieson, 8th Australian Light Horse, killed in 

action on the Dardanelles, 7 August Former Agr. Stud. 

Sergt. George Cameron Auchinachie, 1st Batt. Gordon 
Hrs., killed in Flanders, 23 August, 191 5, aged 24, by 
bursting of a shell ; previously thrice wounded 

Med. Student, 'io-'i3 

Private Alexander John Fowlie, 13th Infantry Batt, 
Australian Imperial Force, killed in action on the 
Dardanelles, August, 1915, aged 26 M.A, '11 

Lieut-Col. John Ellison Macqueen, commanding 6th Batt. 
Gordon Hrs., killed in action about Loos, Flanders, 
25 September, 191 5, aged 40 Law Student, '91 -g 5 

Lieut. Frederick Charles Stephen, 6th Batt Gordon Hrs., 
(pp. 29, 42), killed in action about Loos, Flanders, 
25 September, 191 5, aged 29 M.A., 1st Hons. Maths., '09 

2nd Lieut. George Macbeth Calder, 8th Batt. Gordon Hrs., 
(pp. 61, 67), killed in action about Loos, Flanders, 
25 September, 191 5, aged 24 2nd Med., M.A, '15 

2nd Lieut. Ian Catto Fraser, 2nd Batt Argyll and Suther- 
land Hrs. (pp. 61, 66), killed in action, Flanders, 25 
September, 191 5, aged 20 1st Ar 

4 In Memoriam 

2nd Lieut. William Robert Kennedy, 4th Batt. Seaforth 
Hrs. (pp. 63, 68), killed in action in Flanders, 25 
September, 191 5, aged 19 1st Med., 'i4-'i5 

2nd Lieut. John Cook Macpherson, 1st Batt. Gordon Hrs. 
(pp. 17, 46), died of wounds received in action about 
Hooge, Flanders, 25 September, 1 91 5, aged 29 

M.A., '10; LL.B. 
2nd Lieut. Ian Charles McPherson, 3rd, attd. 2nd, Batt. 
Gordon Hrs., killed in action about Loos, Flanders, 
25 September, 1915, aged 21 M.A., '14 

2nd Lieut. George Buchanan Smith, S.R.O., attd. 2nd Batt. 
Gordon Hrs. (p. 15), killed in action about Loos, 
Flanders, 25 September, aged 24 

M.A., Hons. Hist. (Glas.); LLB., '14 
2nd Lieut. William John Campbell Sangster, 4th Batt. 
Gordon Hrs. (p. 29), killed in action about Hooge, 
Flanders, 25 September, 1915, aged 20 M.A., '14 

Sergt. John Keith Forbes, i/4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 44), 
killed in action near Hooge, Flanders, 25 Sep- 
tember, 191 5 United Free Church Div. Student ; M.A., '05 
Sergt. Alexander David Marr, 7th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 
46), killed in action in Flanders, 25 September, 1 91 5, 
aged 23 M.A., Hons. Maths., '14 
Sergt. Bertram Wilkie Tawse, 4th Batt. Cameron Hrs. 
(p. 45), killed in action, Flanders, 25 September, 
191 5, aged 31 M.A., Hons. Maths., '05 ; B.Sc. 
Corpl. William Stephen Haig, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 
45), killed in action about Hooge, Flanders, 25 Sep- 
tember, 1915, aged 22 M.A., '14 
Private James Anderson, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 6y), 
died a prisoner at Giessen from wounds received in 
action near Hooge, Flanders, 25 September, 1 91 5, 
aged 23 3rd Arts 
Private William Donald, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 6j), 
killed in action about Hooge, Flanders, 25 Septem- 
ber, 191 5, aged 22 2nd Arts 
Private John Birnie Ewen, 2/4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 44), 
killed in action near Hooge, Flanders, 25 September, 
191 5, aged 22 M.A., Hons. Class., '14 

In Memoriam 5 

Private John Hampton Strachan Mason, 4th Batt. Gordon 
Hrs. (p. 46), killed in action near Hooge, 25 Sep- 
tember, 191 5, aged 24 M.A., Hons. Engl., '13 

Private Duncan MacGregor, 4th Gordon Hrs (p. 66), fell 
in action near Hooge, Flanders, 25 September, 191 5 

About to matriculate 

Private Roderick Dewar MacLennan, i/4th Batt. Gordon 
Hrs. (p. 70), killed in action near Hooge, Flanders, 
25 September, 191 5, aged 18 1st Arts, '14-' 15 

Private Gordon Dean Munro, i/4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. 
(p. 66), died, a prisoner, of wounds received in action 
near Hooge, 25 September, 191 5, aged 20 1st Med. 

Private Alexander Silver, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 69), 
died a prisoner in a German Hospital of wounds re- 
ceived in action near Hooge, Flanders, 25 Sep- 
tember, 1915, aged 21 2nd Arts and Agr. 

Private James Stuart, 6th iBatt. Gordon Hrs., killed in 
action near Loos, Flanders, 25 September, 191 5 

Private Frederick William Milne, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. 
(p. 70), killed in action near Hooge, October, 191 5, 
aged 19 1st Med., 'i4-'i5 

Maj. (Tempy.) James Mowat, R.A.M.C. (p. 32), late Fleet- 
Surg. R.N., sank with transport in Mediterranean, 
1915 M.B., '91 

Herbert Mather Jamieson, entd. (p. 22) as Temporary 
Lieut. R.A.M.C., volunteered for med. service in R.N., 
died 26 September, 191 5, aged 33 M.B., '04 

Rev. Robert Murray, Chaplain, Royal Australian Naval 
Reserve (p. 42), died 9 October, 191 5, aged 52 

M.A., '83 ; B.D. St. And. 

Lieut. Hector MacLennan Guthrie, 3rd, attd. Batt. 
Lancashire Fusiliers (p. 15), killed in action, Gallipoli, 
191 5, aged 23 M.A., 1st Hons. Eng., '14 

Lieut. James Reston Gardiner Garbutt, R.A.M.C., attd. 
King's Own Scottish Borderers, killed in action in 
Flanders, I December, I9l5,aged 26 M.B., 'n 

L.-Corpl. Alexander Slorach, 4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. 
(P- 69), accidentally killed in the trenches near Hooge, 
Flanders, 25 December, 1915, aged 21 2nd Arts 

6 In Memoriam 

Christian Davidson Maitland or Grant, sank with her hus- 
band on the " Persia," torpedoed in the Mediter- 
ranean, 30 December, 191 5 B.Sc, '08 ; M.B. (Edin.) 

Surgeon (Tempy.) Douglas Whimster Keiller Moody, R.N. 
(p. 14), sank with H.M.S. " Natal" in harbour, 30 
December, 191 5, aged 42 M.B., '00; M.D. 

Lieut. William George Rae Smith, 10th King's Own York- 
shire Light Infantry, attd. 21st Divisional Cyclists 
(p. 5 5), killed in action while saving a wounded com- 
rade, 24 January, 191 6 Former Agr. Stud. 

Lieut. George Dewar, R.A.M.C. (p. 21), killed in action in 

Flanders, January, 1916, aged 23 M.B., '15 

Lieut. Richard Gavin Brown, R.A.M.C. (p. 20), died in 5th 
Southern General Hospital (after operation following 
on dysentery contracted on service in Gallipoli, 14th 
Casualty Clearing Station, attd. I ith Div. Suvla Bay), 
14 February, 1 91 6, aged 33 M.B., '03 

Lieut. Charles Thomas McWilliam, 5th Batt. Gordon Hrs. 
(p. 29), killed inaction, 19 March, 1 916, in France, 
aged 26 M.A., '13 

Captain (Tempy.) George Mitchell Johnston, attd. 7th 
Royal Irish Rifles (p. 30), killed in action in France, 
3 April, 1916, aged 26 B.Sc. (Agr.), '11 

Lieut. James Duguid, 7th N. Staffordshire Regt, killed in 

action, Mesopotamia, 9 April, 19 16 Former Agr. Stud. 

Private David George Melrose Watt, R.A.M.C. (p. 72), 
died on service at Aldershot, 26 April, 1916, aged 19 

1st Med., 'i5-'i6 

Fleet-Surg. William Rudolf Center (p. 53), died from 
burning injuries sustained on the sinking of H.M.S. 
"Russell," 28 April, 1916, aged about 45 Former Med. Stud. 

Deputy-Surg. General Cyril James Mansfield (p. 13), 

died at Gosport, 7 May, 1916, aged 55 M.B., '83 ; M.D., '96 

Qr.M.-Sergt. Charles McGregor, 10th Batt. Gordon Hrs. 
(p. 46), died of wounds received in action in France, 
14 May, 1916, aged 43 M.A., 1st Hons. Maths., '96 

2nd Lieut Robert Reid, 9th Gordon Hrs. (pp. 17, 47), 
killed in action in France, 21 May, 191 6, aged 23 

M.A., Hons. Class., '14 

In Memoriam 7 

Corpl. Norman John Robertson, 4th Gordon Hrs. (p. 47), 
died of wounds received in action, 30 May, 191 6, 
aged 26 M.A., '14 

2nd Lieut. Frank Lipp, Scottish Rifles, attd. Welsh 
Fusiliers, died at Karachi, 30 May, 1916, of wounds 
received in action in Mesopotamia, aged 24 M.A., '11 

Coy.-Sergt. Major Charles Neilson, Gordon Hrs. (p. 47), 
killed in action in France, June, 191 6, aged 26 

Teacher; M.A., '13 

Private George Alexander Brown, Machine Gun Section, 
4th Batt. Gordon Hrs. (p. 66), killed in action in 
France, June, 191 6, aged 19 7th' Arts Bursar, '14 

Sergt. Robert Donald, Intelligence Section, 4th Gordon 
Hrs. (p. 66), killed in action in France, June, 191 6, 
aged 21 1st Arts 

Lieut. Alfred George Morris, Gordon Hrs., killed in action, 

1 June, 1916 Agr. Stud., '11 

2nd Lieut. James Smith Hastings (Sergt. p. 45), 3/4th 

Gordon Hrs., died at Ripon, June, 1916 M.A., '12 

Corpl. John Bowie, Special Brigade, R.E., died of gas- 
poisoning in France, June, 191 6, aged 21 1st Arts and Sci. 

Corpl. George Dawson (Pte. Roy. Scots p. 44), Special 
Brigade, R.E., killed in action in France, 28 June, 
1916, aged 33 M.A, 1st Hons. Maths., '05 ; B.Sc. (Spec, dist.) 

Lieut. Robert Mackie Riddel, Service Batt. Gordon Hrs. 
(Pte. p. 70), killed in action in France, I July, 1916, 
aged 24 2nd Arts 

2nd Lieut. William Adrian Davidson, 2nd Gordon Hrs. 
(p. 61), wounded at Loos, 25 September, 191 5, died 
of wounds received in action, 2 July, 1916, aged 21 1st Med. 

2nd Lieut. Frederick Attenborow Conner, 2nd Seaforth 
Hrs. (p. 32), killed in action in France, July, 191 6, 
aged 21 1st Agr. 

2nd Lieut. George McCurrach, 13th Highl. Light Infantry, 
see p. 11, killed in action in France, July, 1916, 
aged 35 Teacher; M. A., '08 



Col. Scott Riddell, M.V.O., Member of Council, Scottish Branch Red 
Cross Society and Commissioner for N.E. District of Scotland. 


Emeritus-Professor David White Finlay, B.A., M.D. (Glas.), LL.D. 

(Yale and Aberd.), Tempy. Lieut.-Col. R.A.M.C, in charge of 

Red Cross Hospital, Bellahouston, Glasgow. 
James Duguid, M.A., Lecturer in Conveyancing, Lieut.-Col. and Hon. 

Col. V.D., National Reserve, Chairman of the Aberdeen Munitions 

Francis E. A. Campbell, M.A. (T.C.D.), Ph.D. (Greifswald), Lecturer 

in the English Language, 2nd Lieut. Staff Censorship Dept. 
John Eraser, M.A., Lecturer in Celtic and Comparative Philology, 

University Assistant in Humanity. Post under the War Office. 
Alex. Stuart Watt, B.Sc, Lecturer in Forest Botany and Zoology, 

Chemists' Section, M Company, R.E. 
Thomas Jack, M.A. (Glas.), University Assistant in Moral Philo- 
sophy with status of Lecturer, Sapper 2/3 rd Lowland Field 

Company, R.E. (T.F.). 
Macgregor Skene, B.Sc, D.Sc, University Assistant in Botany with 

status of Lecturer, 2nd Lieut. 1st Highl. Brig. R.F.A. (T.F.). 
Edward Wyllie Fenton, M.A., B.Sc, University Assistant in Botany, 

2nd Lieut. 1st Highl. Brig. R.F.A. 
Bertram Mitchell Laing, M.A. ('1 1 ), University Assistant in Logic, 

Private, nth Gordon Hrs. 
David Glass Larg, M.A. ('15), University Assistant in French, Private, 

14th London Regiment (London Scottish). 
Ranald Macdonald, Assistant in Zoology, 2nd Lieut. 7th Gordons. 
Robert Pearson Masson, M.A. ('06); LL.B., Tutor in Law. 

The Staff 9 

George Newlands, M. A. ('i i), B.Sc, University Assistant in Geology, on 

munitions work. 
George Rae, B.Sc. ('06), University Assistant in Mathematics, Gunner 

Wm. George Reid, M.A., University Assistant in Greek, 9th (Scot.) 

Cadet Batt Gailes, with view to a commission. 

%* Several other members of the Staff were attested under the Group 
System but have been exempted. Others are employed during vaca- 
tion on munitions or for other purposes of the war. 


George S. Robertson, 2nd Lieut. 1st Highl. Brigade R.F.A. 

Harry Alex. Wood, formerly Attendant, Chemistry Dept., then 

private Laboratory Assistant, Agricultural Dept, 2nd. Lieut. 

1 ith Gordon Hrs. 
George Dower, Agriculture, Gunner, 32nd Brig. R.F.A. 

Norman Allen Troup, Private R.A.M.C. 


Charlotte Robertson, Assistant Librarian, Orderly in the Scottish 
Women's Hospital, Salonika. 



Surg. (Tempy.) Alex. Irvine Esslemont M.B., '99 

Alfred Scott Mackie (fr. R.A.M.C, p. 72) M.B., '15 
f ,, ,, Douglas Whimster Keiller Moody, to 

H.M.S. "Viceroy," addl. for Haslar 
Hospital: sank with the "Natal" in 
harbour, 30 Dec, 191 5 M.B., '00 ; M.D. 

„ „ Roland Sinclair M.B., '10 

,, „ Harry Forest Stephen (Tempy. Examin- 

ing Offr. Tyneside Scottish), H.M.S. 
"Clio". M.B.,'i5 

„ „ William Taylor M.B., '10 


Charles Reid M.A, '14; 3rd Med., '15-' 16 

John Skinner M.A., '14; 3rd Med., '1 5-' 16 

John Norrie, on War Service at Chatham Docks for instruc- 
tion of Govt, apprentices in engineering. 

Rev. George Richmond Murison, officiating minister to 

Presbyterians in the Navy M.A., '75 


War Office Staff. 

John Eraser, University Lecturer, p. 18 M.A., '03 

Cavalry Special Reserve. 

t Lieut. Geoffrey Gordon (late Capt. Punjab Light Horse, 
Indian Volunteers), attd. 1 2th (Pr. of Wales Royal) 
Lancers, killed in action in Flanders, 30 April 

Assist. Commissr. Punjab I.C.S. ; M.A., '03 

Temporary Commissions 1 1 

Infantry, Special Reserve of Officers. 

2nd Lieut. David Stewart Dawson, 3rd Batt. Gordon Hrs. 

Div. Stud. ; M.A., 'io 
„ „ (Rev.) James Davidson Easton, Argyll and 

Sutherland Hrs. M.A., '11 


Royal Artillery. 

2nd Lieut. Alex. Ogilvie, 1 57th (City of Aberd.) Brig. 

R.F.A. W.S. Edin. ; M.A., '02 

Royal Engineers. 

2nd Lieut. Evan MacDonald Burns (p. 44), Signal Service M.A., '14 


2nd Lieut. John Lyon Booth (p. 44), attd. 2nd Seaforth 

Hrs. M.A., '14 

„ ,, Chas. Gordon Elder, nth Gordon Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '10 

,. ,, Jas. Fowler Fraser (Sergt. 4th Gordons, p. 44), 

Argyll and Sutherland Hrs. M.A., '14 

„ ,, Robt. Andrew Dermond Forrest (Pr. 4th 

Gordons, p. 44), Gordon Hrs. M.A., '14 

„ ,, John Garden Lamb (Sergt. 4th Gordons and 
R.F.C. p. 45), commd. for service in the 
field M.A., '13; B.Sc.(Agr.) 

f „ ,, George McCurrach (Lance-Corpl. 3rd Gor- 
dons, p. 46), 13th Highl. Light Infantry, 
killed in action, July, 1916 Teacher; M.A., 'oS 

„ „ Hugh Sinclair Robertson, 9th Border Regt. 

Teacher ; M.A., '06 

,, „ JohnS. Urquhart, 14th Argyll and Sutherland 

Hrs. M.A., '06 

R.A.M.C. Retired Officers who are Employed. 

Col. Douglas Wardrop, C.V.O., commdg. King Edward 

VII Convalescent Home for Offs., Osborne M.B., '75 

Brig.-Surg. Lt.-Col. James Forbes Beattie, M.A. (K.C.), '60; M.D., '63 

1 2 Graduates 

R.A.M.C. Retired Officers Temporarily Employed. 
Lieut.-Col. Charles William Thiele M.B., '8o 

R.A.M.C. Temporary Majors. 

John Harley Brooks, Mile-end War Hospital M.B., '87 

Sir Robert John Collie, Member, Travelling Board, Lon- 
don Command M.B., '82 
William McDougall M.A., '96 ; M.B. (Edin.) 

R.A.M.C. Temporary Captains. 

William Ainslie M.B., '97 ; M.D., '13; F.R.C.S. (Edin.) 

Theodore Chalmers (of Rajputana) M.B., '06 

Douglas Gordon Cheyne M.B., 'io ; . M.D. 

Andrew Leslie Edmund Filmer Coleman M.B., '07 ; M.D. 

Alex. Mitchell Cowie M.B., '84 

Naughton Dunn M.A., '06'; M.B. 

George Alex. Finlayson, late Capt. Singapore Volunteer 

Corps M.A., '95 ; M.B. 

Alistair Sim Garden M.B., '06 

Ernest King Gawn M.B., '95 ; M.D. 

Herbert William Greig B.Sc, '10; M.B. 

William Leslie M.A., '10; M.B. 

John Glanville Milne M.B., '94 

Alfred Tennyson Smith M.B., '92 

Charles Mollyson Smith, O.C. 75th Field Amb. and M.O. 

8th Royal Scots, wounded at Festubert, 19 May, 191 5 M.B., '05 
William Samuel Ondeslowe Waring M.B., '95 

Alex. Wilson M.B., '09 

James Leslie Wilson (see p. 37) M.A., '92 ; M.B. (Durham) 

R.A.M.C. Temporary Lieutenants. 

? David Anderson M.A., '04; M.B. 
John Anderson (Pte. p. 71) M.B., '16 
Norman William Anderson M.B., '93 ; M.D. 
James Scott Annandale M.B., '10 
David Main Baillie, R.A.M.C. Training Centre, Long- 
bridge Deverill, Warminster M.B., '09; M.D. 
George Gordon Bruce M.B., '15 
James Ewen Cable (O.T.C., p. 74) M.B., '15 
Alex. Whyte Cassie M.A., '97 ; M.B. 
James Chalmers M.B., '12 

Commissions R.A.M.C. 13 

George Cooper (relinquished commission from ill health) M.B., '06 

Robert Ferguson Copland M.B., I 5 

William Francis Cornwall M.B., '96 

Alex. Henderson Cran M.A., '96 ; M.B. 

Francis William Davidson M.B., '04 

f George Dewar, killed in action in Flanders, January, 

1916, aged 23 M.B., ' x 5 

Walter James Dilling M.B., '07 

George William Elder M.B., ' 1 5 

Francis William Falconer M.B., 05 

Alexander Farquhar, 23rd Div., B.E.F. M.B., '15 

Simon John Coulter Fraser M.B., '93 ; M.D. 

John Sawers Findlay M - B -> '94 

Harold Turner Finlay son (p. 14) M.B., 12 

Alexander Fowlie Fraser M.A./10; M.B. 

David Marmaduke Gill, 9th E. Yorks Regt. M.B., '85 

John Arthur Rinder Glennie (p. 42), relinq. com. M.B., '89 

James Leslie Gordon M.B., '96 ; M.D. 

William Gillespie Bryson Gunn M.B., '04 

William Scott Hall M.B., '97 

Claude Christian Hargreaves M.B., '15 

Arthur Joseph Hawes (Corpl. 4th Gordons, p. 67) M.B., '16 

Stanley Henry M.B., '16 

Harold George Rannie Jamieson M.A., '09 ; M.B. 

Edward Johnson M - B -> '° 8 

Donald John Gair Johnston M.B., '02 

? Frederick Leonard Keith M.B., '04 

Forbes Kinnear M - B -> '9% 

Thomas Scott Law M.B., '16 

William Lumsden, Cromarty Defences, 1 3th Arg. Sthd. Hrs. M.B. , '97 

John Alexander MacArthur, Gailes Camp M.B., '10 
Patrick Thomson Tulloch Macdonald M.A, '03 ; M.B. (Edin.) 

William George Macdonald, attd. Warwicks ; wounded M.B., '08 

William Stuart McGowan M.A., '88 ; M.D. 

Thomas MacHardy, Royal W. Surrey Regt. M.B., '89 

Charles McKerrow M.B., 'io 

Roderick Murdoch MacLennan M.B., '86 

John Farquhar McLeod M - B -> '° 8 

Robert William MacPherson M.B., '06 ; M.D. 

Charles Wattie McPherson (O.T.C. p. 75) M - A -> ' x 3 ; M - B -> ' l6 

1 4 Graduates 

Rae McRae M.B., '08 ; M.D. 

John Gordon Smith Mennie M.B., '15 

Duncan Miller, M.O., nth King's Own Yorks. L. Inf. M.B.,'11 

James Webster Miller M.B., '03 

Patrick George Milne M.B., '15 

Alex. Mennie Mitchell M.A., '95 ; M.B. 

William John Moir (O.T.C. p. 74) M.B., '16 

Joseph Henry Patterson B.A. (R.U.I.), M.B., '94 

Frank Le Quesne Pelly M.B., '03 

James Pirie, Tidworth Military Hospital M.A., '84 ; M.D. 

Mark Poison M.B., '93 

James Burnett Rae M.B., '02 

Archibald Ramsay M.A.,'90; M.B. 

Alex. Dawson Reid, invalided from Gallipoli M.B., '10 

Alexander Rennie M.A., '80 ; M.B. 

George William Riddel M.B., '14 

Frederick Ritchie M.B., '13 

James Dewar Robertson M.B., 'io 

Robert Boyd Robson M.B., '02 

Thomas Ogilvie Robson (O.T.C. p. 73) M.B., '16 

Hermann Rogers-Tillstone, M.O. High Wycombe M.B., '81 ; M.D. 
James Russell M.A., '84 ; M.D. (Edin.) 

Herbert William Black Ruxton, M.O. and Assist. Comm., 

Percy House School Auxiliary Hosp., Isleworth M.B., '04 

Benjamin Theodore Saunders M.B., '13 

Albert Edward Barr Sim (O.T.C. p. 75) M.B., '16 

Alexander Bruce Simpson M.B., '99 

Donald French Skeen M.B., '06 

Richard Arthur Slater M.B., '93 

James Lind Smith M.A., '11 ; M.B., '13 

John Smith M.B., '15 

Alfred John Watson Stephen M.B., '08 

John Edward Thompson, 97th (C.P.) Fd. Amb. 30th Div. M.B., '09 
Henry James Thomson M.B., '10 

? Joseph Alexander Thomson B.Sc., '95 ; M.B. 

Arthur George Troup, Mil. Hosp., Magdalen Camp, Win- 
chester, afterwards with Brit. Medit. Force. M.B., '06 ; M.D., '14 
Peter Mortimer Turnbull M.B., '01 

William Turner M.B., 'or 

Commissions T.F. 15 

Leslie Valentine, relinq. com. M.B., '93 

Alex. Urquhart Webster, No. 33 Cas. CI. Stat, M.O. Scot 

Red Cross Hosp. nth Stat. Hosp., Rouen M.A., '06 ; M.B., '10 
James Mitchell Whyte M.B., '14 

William Henry Wishart M.A., 'oo ; B.Sc. ; M.B. 

Temporary Honorary Lieutenants. 

William Durward Cruickshank M.B., '15 

Joseph Russell Tibbies M.B., 'i 5 

R.A.M.C. Special Reserve Supplementary Officers. 

Capt Robert Scott Cumming M.B., '15 

Lieut. Alex. Louis Cameron Mackenzie M.B., '15 

,, James Melvin (p. 64) M.B., '15 

Capt. Thomas Menzies M.B., '15 

Lieut John Taylor Scrogie M.B., '15 

Royal Army Veterinary Corps. 
2nd Lieut. Donald Gunn Munro M.A., '12 ; B.Sc. (Agr.), '13 



2nd Lieut. John Blackhall Anderson (Sq. Sergt-Maj. p. 43) 

Scottish Horse M.A, '90 

Royal Artillery. 

2nd Lieut. George Cruickshank (Pte. p. 44), 2/4th East 

Lanes. (How.) Brig. R.F.A. M.A., '13 

„ „ Edw. Wyllie Fenton, 1st Highl. Brig., 

R.F.A. M.A., '12; B.Sc. 

„ ,, James Ross (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 47), 2/4th 

Highl. Mtd. Brig. R.F.A. M.A., 'ro 

„ „ Macgregor Skene, 1st Highl. Brig. R.F.A. B.Sc.,'09 ; D.Sc. 
,, „ Harold Thompson (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 48), 1st 

Highl. Brig. R.F.A. M.A, '12 

Royal Engineers. 

Lieut. (Tempy.) James Barclay Rennett (late Lieut. 1st 
Aberd. R.E. Volunteers), Highl. Div. Engineers 

Advocate, C.A. ; M.A., '88 

1 6 Graduates 


Capt. Alex. John Ramsay Thain (late Capt. and Hon. 

Maj. ist Vol. Batt. Gordon Hrs.), 3/4* Gordon Hrs. M.A., '84 
„ Alexander William Black, 5th Seaforth Hrs. B.Sc. (Agr.), '09 

Lieut. James Cruickshank Smith (p. 50), 4th Gordon 

Hrs. B.Sc, '91 

2nd Lieut. Wm. Bruce Anderson (Pte. p. 44), 5th Gordon 

Hrs. M.A., '11 

„ „ Alex. Fairweather Bothwell (Corpl. p. 69), 

3/4 th Gordon Hrs. M.A., '15 

„ „ (Rev.) Douglas W. Bruce, C.S.,3/4th Gordon Hrs. M. A., '07 
„ „ Alex. Cheyne (Pte. p. 44), 5th Gordon Hrs. 

U.F.C. Div. Stud.; M.A., '12 
„ „ Norman Crichton (Pte. 2/4th Gordons, p. 44), 

3/4th Seaforth Hrs. U.F.C. Div. Stud. ; M.A., '11 

„ „ Robert Thomson Donald (Pte. 4th Gordons, 

p. 44), 3 /7th Black Watch M.A., '14 

,, ,, Balfour Downie (Sergt. 3/6th Gordons, p. 44), 

6th Gordon Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '09 

„ „ Edgar Hunter Ewen (Sergt. 3/6th Gordons, 

p. 44), 5th Roy. Scots Teacher; M.A., '04 

„ „ Charles Farquharson, 3/9th Argyll and Suth- 
erland Hrs. Teacher; M. A, '05 
„ „ James Fowler Fraser (Sergt. 4th Gordons, p. 44) M.A., '14 
„ „ Charles Strachan Hadden, 3/7th Gordon 

Hrs. M.A., '12; LL.B. 

t„ „ James Smith Hastings (Serg. p. 45), 3/4th 

Gordon Hrs., died June, 1916 Teacher; M.A., '12 

„ „ Edward Hutton Hay, Gordon Hrs. Teacher; M. A., '83 
„ Henry Watt Johnston (Pte. p. 45), 3/4* 

Gordon Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '11 

„ ,, John Alexander King, 3/4th Gordons Teacher; M.A., '09 
„ ,, James Cruden Knox, 3/4th Gordons Teacher ; M.A., '97 
„ ,, Fred. Wm. Law (Pte. p. 45), 3/4th Gordons 

M.A., '12; B.Sc. (Agr.) 
„ „ Douglas Meldrum Watson Leith (Pte. p. 45), 

4th Gordon Hrs. M.A., '13 ; B.Sc. (Agr.) 

„ „ James Argentine Littlejohn (Pte. p. 45), 7th 

Gordon Hrs. B.Sc, '08 

Commissions T.F. 17 

2nd Lieut. George Low (Coy. Sergt.-Maj. p. 45), Gordon 

Hrs., missing since 25 Sept., 191 5 Teacher; M.A.,'l4 
„ „ Edward Mcintosh (Pte. p. 46), 6th Gordon Hrs. M.A., '15 
,, „ James Mackie, 4th Seaforth Hrs. B.Sc. (Agr.), '10 

,, „ John Macpherson, Sherwood Forresters M.B., '09 

,, „ John McQueen (Sergt. 2/4A Gordon Hrs., 

p. 46), 6th Cameron Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '14 

„ ,, Marshall Merson (Pte. 4th Gordon Hrs. p. 46), 

5th R. Sc. Fusiliers C.S. Prob. ; M.A., '12 

„ „ John Munro (L-Corpl. 2/4 th Seaforths, p. 46), 

Seaforth Hrs. M.A., '14 

„ „ Herbert Murray (Pte. p. 47), 3/4th Gordon 

Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '08 

„ „ Murdo Murray (Pte. p. 47), 3/4th Seaforth 

Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '13 

„ ,, James Buchanan Paterson (Sergt. 3/6th 

Gordons, p. 47), 6th Gordon Hrs. Teacher ; M.A., '01 
„ ,, James Patterson (Corpl. p. 47), 7th Gordon Hrs., 

wounded, 7 July, 1 91 6 Law Stud. ; M.A., '15 

„ „ William Allan Robertson, 3/4th Batt. Royal 

Scots M.A., '02 ; Ph.D. 

„ „ George Douglas Rose, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. M.A., '15 

„ ,, George Shepherd (Sergt. p. 47), 3/7A Gordon 

Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '03 

„ „ Harold Addison Sinclair, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. M.A., '02 

,, „ James George Slessor, 3/4A Gordon Hrs. M.A., '99 

„ ,, Douglas Robert Smith, 8th City of London Regt. M.A. '12 
„ ,, Wm. Tarrel (Corpl. p. 48), 3/4U1 Gordon Hrs. 

attd. I /6th Black Watch Teacher; M.A., '13 

,, „ Wm. Taylor (Pte. p. 48), 3 /4th Gordon Hrs. 

Div. Stud.; M.A., '13 
„ ,, Harold Thompson (Pte. p. 48) Teacher; M.A., '12 

„ „ James Oliver Thomson (Camb. O.T.C., p. 

48), King's Own Yorks, LI. M.A., '1 r 

„ „ (Rev.) Michael Cunningham Wilson, H.L.I. 

M.A., '01 ; B.D. 

National Reserve. 
Lieut-Col. & Hon. Col. James Duguid, V.D., see p. 8 M.A., '67 

1 8 Graduates 

R.A.M.C. Territorial Force. 

Maj. Cresswell Fitzherbert White, mentd. in dispatches M.B., '87 

„ (Tempy.) John Hector Stephen, invalided from 

Gallipoli B.Sc, '00 ; M.B. 

„ (Tempy.) Walter Richard Stephen, Fd. Amb., France M.B., '08 
Capt. Alex. Main Baillie (Sergt. p. 72), Highl. Fd. Amb. M.B., '15 
„ Clifford Thiselton Bell, 1st Scot. Gen. Hosp. M.B., '96 

„ Ian Gordon Bisset, 1st Scot. Gen. Hosp. M.B., '14 

„ Patrick Thomas Catto (p. 74), 1st Scot. Gen. Hosp. M.B., '15 
„ (?) James Davidson, Highl. Cas. CI. Stat. M.B., '02 

„ James Don, M.O. Pendawar V.A.D. Hospital, 

Newcastle M.B., '88 ; M.D. 

,, J ames ' Farquhar, attd. 2/1 oth Manchester Regt. M.A., '97 ; M.B. 
„ Charles Forbes, Highl. Cas. CI. Stat. M.B., 'oi 

„ James McLean MacFarlane, Highl. Cas. CI. Stat. 

(fr. p. 22) M.B.,'00; M.D. 

,, John Wm. McKeggie, 2/2nd Highl. Fd. Amb. M.B., '15 

„ Joseph Ellis Milne, Highl. Cas. CI. Stat. (fr. p. 

22) M.A., '88; M.D. 

„ Robert Richards, 1st Scot Gen. Hosp. M.B., '07 

,, Wm. Scatterty, 2nd N. Gen. Hosp. in charge of 

Auxiliary Hosp. Keighley, Yorks M.A., '81 ; M.D. 

,, James Alex. Sellar, 2/2nd Highl. Fd. Amb. (see p. 75) M.B., '15 
Lieut. William Alexander, Highl. Cas. CI. Stat. M.A. ; M.B., '16 

„ Walter Bailey-Thomson, 3/1 st Notts, and Derby 

Mtd. Br. Fd. Amb. M.B., '14 

„ Fred. Wm. Campbell Brown, 1st Scot. Gen. Hosp. M.B., '15 
„ Bernard Langridge Davis, Highl. Fd. Amb. M.B., '15 

,, Harry Gordon Donald, 2/2nd Highl. Fd. Amb. M.B., '15 

„ Robert Grey, Highl. Fd. Amb. M.B., '14 

,, Alex. Fraser MacBean, Highl. Div. Sanitary 

Section M.A., '01 ; M.B. 

„ Arthur Alexander Mackenzie, Highl. Cas. CI. Stat. M.B., '16 
„ James Mitchell Mitchell (O.T.C. p. 75), N. Midi. Mtd. 

Brig. Fd. Amb. Medit. M.B., '15 

„ Arthur George Reid (O.T.C. p. 74), Highl. Fd. Amb. M.B., '16 
„ Forbes Simmers (O.T.C. p. 74) M.B., '16 

„ Alex. Urquhart, 1st London Cas. CI. Stat. M.A., '94; M.D. 

Chaplains T.F. 19 

Lieut. Wm. Chas. Davidson Wilson (p. 73), 2/2nd Highl. 

Fd. Amb. M.B.,'i5 

2nd Lieut. George Stewart Davidson (Sergt. O.T.C. p. 73), 
to unattd. List T.F. for service with 
Aberd. Univ. Cont. O.T.C. M.A., '14 

„ „ Wm. Calthorpe Mackinnon (Sergt. O.T.C. p. 
73), to unattd. List T.F. for service with 
Aberd. Univ. Cont. O.T.C. M.A., '13 


Lieut-Col. Walter Smith Cheyne, Retired T.F., M.O., 

R.F.A., Aberdeen M.B., '76 ; M.D. 

Sanitary Service — Sanitary Companies. 

Lieut. Alex. Middleton Brown, 2nd London Coy. 

M.A., '07 ; M.B., 'i 1 ; D.P.H., '13 ; M.D. 
„ Douglas Porter, 2nd London Coy. M.B., '08 

Sanitary Officers. 
Capt. Alex. Gregor M.B., '93 ; M.D. 

Territorial Force Reserve R.A.M.C. 
Lieut. -Col. Thomas Churton, 2nd N. Gen. Hosp. M.B., '76 ; M.D. 

Wm. Duncan Vivian Slesser, Superintendent of Police in Bannu, 
N.W.F.P., India, commanding 500 armed police. M.A, '08 

Indian Medical Service. 

Lieut. Andrew Hunter Brown M.A., '12 ; B.Sc. ; M.B., '15 

„ William Peat Hogg (fr. p. 21.) M.B., '12 

? „ Eric Newton M.B., '15 


Rev. David Bruce Nicol (C.S.), Tempy., 4th CI. M.A., '05 ; B.D. 

„ Joseph Pickthall, Tempy., 3rd Class M.A., '09; B.D., '12 

„ Ivo Macnaghton Clark (C.S.), 3rd CI. attd. i/sth 
(Angus and Dund.) Batt. The Black Watch* 
B.E.F., France M.A., '04 

oi ; B.D. 















20 Graduates 

Rev. William Walker Cruickshank (C.S.), 4th CI. M.A. : 
Adam Fyfe Findlay (U.F.C.), 4th CI., Scottish Horse 
William Wallace Gauld (U.F.C.), 4th CI. 
Alexander McBain, 4th CI. 
Ewen MacLean (U.F.C.), 4th CI. 
William Watson (U.F.C.) 
Angus Boyd (C.S.) 
Wm. Ogg (U.F.C.) 
Christian Victor Aeneas MacEchern (C.S.), (p. 48) 

is acting Chaplain to Presbyterian troops, Malta M.A., '07 

Indian Army. 
Rev. Peter Milne (C.S.), N. Bengal Mtd. Rifles (Served in 
Kimberley Town Guard S. Afr. War, 'oo-'oi with 
medal) M.A., '85 ; B.D. 

Federated Malay States. 
Rev. Ernest Denny Logie Danson, Malay States Rifle 

Volunteers M.A., '02 

East African Force. 
Rev. James Tindall Soutter (C.S.), Tempy., 4th Class, 

mentd. in despatches M.A., '10 


Canadian Forces. 

Capt. Charles Hunter M.A., '94; M.D. 

West African Medical Service. 

Medical Oftr. William Scott Clark M.B., '98 

„ „ Wm. Edward Glover M.B., '11 

„ „ Stephen Goodbrand M.B., '08 

Robert Semple M.B., 'io; M.D. 

British East African Field Force, 

Lieut.-Col. Wm. Booth Skinner M.B., '87 

„ „ (Tempy.) Arthur Dawson Milne, mentd. disp. M.B., '92 

Capt. Cormack Grant, Military Medical Staff M.B., '88 

,, (Tempy.) James Hutcheon Thomson M.B., '04 

„ Charles Thistleton Dyer Urquhart M.B., '87 ; M.D. 

Lieut. Charles Cameron Grant, nth Inf. Regt. (also 

S.W. Afr. Campaign, Kimberley Regt.) M.A., '99 

„ Finlay Geo. MacLeod Ross M.B., '09 

,, William MacHardy, unattd., mentd. despatches M.A, '07 

Enlisted 2 1 

Australasian Expeditionary Force. 

Lieut-Col. Alexander Horn, A.A.M.C., O.C. 4th Austral. 

Light Horse Fd. Amb. then 13th Austral. Fd. Amb. M.B., '07 
Major Charles Evans Maguire, Registrar, N. Zealand Base 

Hosp. Cairo, then O.C. of N.Z. Stationary Hosp., 

Ismailia M.B., '93 ; M.D. 

Capt. Alex. Taylor, N. Zealand Veterinary Corps, Vet 

Offr. H.M.N.Z. Transport No. 11 to Egypt M.A, '92 

? Lieut Frank Wesley Noble M.B., '15 



A rtillery. 

Bombardier James Alex. Masson, 35th Res. Batty. R.F.A. M.A., '13 

Gunner James Alex. Bowie, R.G.A. M.A., '14 

„ William James Entwistle, 32nd Batty. R.F.A. M.A.,'16 

George Rae, R.G.A, p. 8 B.Sc, '06 

Driver John Angus MacKenzie, 4th Highl. (Mtn.) Brig. 

RG.A. Teacher; M.A., '12 

Royal Engineers. 
Qm.-Sergt James Henry Hunter (L.-Cpl. Seaforths, p. 45), 

Chem. Section Teacher; M.A.,'07 

Corpl. George Ogilvie Clark, M Coy. Chem. Section M.A., '15 

„ Daniel Sutherland Dawson (formerly Pte., R.F.A.) 

Chem. Section B.Sc, '09 

f „ George Dawson (Pte. Royal Scots, p. 44), Chem. 

Section, killed in action, 28 June, 1 916 M.A., '05 ; B.Sc. 
„ Robert Dawson (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 44), Chem. 

Section M.A., '14 

,, George Knowles Fraser, Chem. Section 

2 Sc. For., 'is- 16; M.A.,'n ; B.Sc. 
,, Ernest Victor Laing, Chem. Section 

2 Stud. Agr, 'i5-'i6; M.A., '15 

Sapper Robert Nicol, i/3rd Highl. Fd. Coy. Teacher; M.A., '03 

„ Archibald Dey Wilson M.A., '15 

2 2 Graduates 

Private Wm. Macmillan Anderson, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. 

Teacher; M.A., '07 
William Barrett, 9th Highl. Light Inf. (T.F.) M.A., '09 

„ James Thomson Cameron, 26th Royal Fusiliers 

(see p. 24) M.B., '13 

„ James Campbell, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. C.S. Div. Stud. ; M. A., 'io 
,, David Shepherd Duguid, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. 

Med. Stud. ; M.A., 
L.-Corpl. Alex. George Duncan Esson, 3 /4 th Gordon Hrs. 

(see p. 71) M.A, 

,, Spencer Stephen Fowlie, D Coy., 4th Gordon 

Hrs. Teacher; M.A, 

„ Robert Geo. Porter Howie, 4th (Res.) Oxf. and 

Bucks L.I. M.A, 

„ Wm. Drummond Hunter, 3 4th Gordons 

U.F.C. Div. Stud. ; M.A., '12 
Private Bertram Mitchell Laing, nth Gordon Hrs., p. 8 M.A., 'n 
„ David Glass Larg, 14th Lond. Regt. (Lond. Scot.), 

p. 8 M.A. 

„ Frederick Wm. Lovie, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. 

Div. Stud. ; M.A 
,, Alex. Grant McKimmie, B Coy., 15th Argyll and 

Sutherland Hrs. Teacher; M.A., ij 

„ Wm. Swan-Nicoll Middleton, 3/6th Gordon Hrs. M.A., '15 
,, George Murray, 2/4th Gordon Hrs., missing and 

prisoner after 25 September Teacher ; M.A., 

t Coy. Sergt.-Major Charles Neilson, Gordon Hrs., killed in 

action in France, June, 1916 Teacher; M.A. ,'13 

Private John Alex. Nicol, Scots Guards M.A., '02 ; B.L. 

„ William Reid, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '12 

Corpl. James Ritchie, 2nd Royal Scots Teacher; M.A., 'n 

Sergt. Wm. Lorimer Shiach, 3,'6th Gordon Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '11 
Private John Alex. Simpson, 3/i4th County of London 

Regt. (Lond. Scot.) M.A., '13 

,, William Allan Smith, Civil Service Rifles M.A., '12 

,, Gordon Gray Stewart, 3/4A Gordon Hrs. Teacher; M.A., '08 
„ Herbert Louis Watson, 1 8th King's (Liverpool) 

Regt. B.Sc, ' 

„ James Alex. Watson, 14th Argyll and Sutherland 

Hrs. Teacher; M.A, '12 

„ William Weir, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. M.A, '11 

Enlisted 2 3 

Officers Training Corps. 

(Rev.) Douglas William Bruce * M.A., '07 

„ Richard Mackie Clark (C.S. Dundee) M.A., '04 

Douglas John Cormack, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. M.A., '16 

Minto Rodger Gillanders, R.H.A., O.T.C. Teacher; M.A., '00 

John Grant, Artists' Rifles O.T.C. M.A., '15 

Alex. Francis Johnston, Inns of Court O.T.C. Teacher; M.A., '07 

Charles Joiner, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. 2nd Med., 'i$-'i6 ; M.A., '15 

Charles Mann, Inns of Court O.T.C. M.A., '1 1 ; LL.B. 

(Rev.) George Bennet Thomson Michie (C.S. Min., 

Gourock), Inns of Court O.T.C. M.A., '01 ; B.D. 

Wm. George Reid, 9th (Scot.) Cadet Batt, see p. 8 M.A., 'n 

(The Rev.) Cecil Barclay Simpson (U.F. Min. Elgin), 

Inns of Court O.T.C. M.A., '07 

John Ogilvie Taylor, Inns of Court O.T.C. Teacher; M.A., '10 

Wm. Robert Tennant, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. M.A., '14 

Army Service Corps. 

Private John Mackinlay Dickie M.A., '15 

„ William Grant, attd. 1st Field Amb. 154th In- 
fantry Brigade M.A., '15 
„ John MacDonald (Inverness), Motor Transp. Branch M.A., '15 


Corpl. James Thomson, 3/2nd Highl. Fd. Amb. Teacher; M.A., '09 
Private (the Rev.) John Henry Jackson Bisset (U.F.C., 

Fyvie) M.A., '96 ; B.D. 

„ (the Rev.) Alex. Godsman Catto (C.S. Inver- 

keithney) M.A., '05 ; B.D. 

„ William Bain, 76th Fd. Amb. M.B., '08 

,, George Ironside Gray, 3/2nd Highl. Fd. Amb. M.A., '12 

„ (the Rev.) George Alex. MacKeggie, 1st Scot. Gen. 

Hosp. M.A., '11 ; B.D. 

,, James Mathewson Milne, 2nd Lowland Fd. Amb. 

Teacher; M.A., '06 

Army Veterinary Corps. 

Private Finlay Maclver B.Sc. (Agr.), '15 

„ John Cooper B.Sc. (Agr.), '15 

24 Graduates 


Staff-Sergt. Wm. Slessor Simpson, Engr. Detachment, 

Union Central Africa Contingent M.A., 'oo ; B.Sc. 

Sergt. Alfred Alex. Black, Cawnpore Squadr., 1st United 

Prov. Horse M.A., '95 

„ Harvey Gordon Burr, Nigerian Land Contingent, 

Defence Force B.Sc. (Agr.), '11 

„ Robert Smith Machray, Canadian Fd. Artillery M.A., '93 ; B.L. 
L.-Corpl. Douglas Harper, 138th Batt. Canadian Exped. 

Force M.A., '02 ; B.L. 

Trooper Charles Clyne, Northern Bengal Mtd. Rifles M.B., '10 

Private Alex. Farquharson Cumming, Supply Col. istiCan. 

Cavalry Brigade B.Sc. (Agr.), '06 

„ Alex. Gordon Glennie Ellis, Malay Estates Volun- 
teer Rifles B.Sc. (Agr.), '11 
f „ Alex. John Fowlie, 13th Inf. Batt. Australian 
Imperial Force, killed in action on the Dar- 
danelles M.A., 'n 
Private George Pittendrigh Hector, E Bengal Mtd. Rifles M.A., '01 
William Main, on service with S. African Forces Teacher ; M.A., '06 
Private (?) Alex. Ogston, Univ. Coy., Princess Patricia's 

Canad. Lt. Inf. M.A., '12 

„ John Hall Ritchie, Nagpur Mtd. Infantry M.A., '12 

,, David George Ross, Indian Volunteer Maxim Gun 
Coy., Indian Exped. Force, E. Africa 

Headmaster, Scottish Orphanage, Bombay; M.A., '08 
„ Alfred Gall Sim, B. Coy., 194th Batt. Canadian 

Forces Teacher; M.A., '10 

Trooper George Gall Sim, Cawnpore Squadr., 1st United 
Prov. Horse 

Memb. Leg. Council, Un. Prov. ; I.C.S. ; M.A., '98 
„ Alex. Allan Simpson, Cawnpore Squadr., 1st 

United Prov. Horse M.A., 'oi 

,, Wm. Robert Watt, Cawnpore Squadr., 1st United 

Prov. Horse M.A., '10; B.Sc. 

Units Unknown. 
James Brown Teacher; M.A., '09 

David Stuart Davidson Teacher ; M.A., '08 



Alfred Eddie Teacher ; M. A., '13 

Alex. Glennie M.A., '15 

(Rev.) Don. MacGregor Grant (C.S. Min., Walkerburn) M.A., '01 

Peter Lorimer 

John Robbie McKenzie 

Robert Pearson Masson, see p. 9 

Alfred Melvin 

John Henderson Mennie 

(Rev.) Robert Nicol Paton (C.S.) 

William Poison, an Ambulance Unit 

(Rev.) John Leslie Robertson 

John Scorgie (non-combatant service) 

William Stewart 

West Herts Volunteer Regiment. 

James David Symon, Qm.-Sergt. and Secy. 2nd Coy., 

2nd Batt, Nat. Res. M.A., '92 

M.A., 'i6 

Teacher ; 

M.A., '09 

M.A, ' 

06 ; LL.B. 


, '02 ; B.L. 


; M.A., *oo 


'07 ; B.D. 


'ii ; B.Sc. 

M.A, '07 

Div. Stud. 

; M.A., *i6 

Teacher ; 

M.A., '08 

Y.M.C.A. Service of Troops. 

Sidney Knight Finlayson, Cromarty Div. Stud.; M.A., '13 

Rev. Robert Harvey Strachan, Eng. Presb. Ch., 


M.A., '93 


Lawrence Hay Watt A dan 

Alexander Wilson Anderson 

Robert Bain 

John Thomson Baxter 

William Chalmers Bowie 

Alexander Hastings 

William Henry 

Alex. Mackenzie (O.T.C. p. 75) 

William Milne 

John Morrison (O.T.C. p. 25) 

Alex. Keith Reid 

Charles Thomson 

Teacher; M.A, '06 ; B.Sc. 

Med. Stud.; B.Sc, '13 

Teacher ; M.A., '02 

Teacher; M.A., '98 

Teacher ; M.A, '01 

Teacher; M.A., '13 

Teacher; M.A., '00 

3rd Med., '1 5-'i6 ; M.A., B.Sc. (Agr.) 

Teacher ; M. A., '03 

2nd Med., 'i5-'i6; M.A., '15 

Teacher; M.A., '08 

Teacher; MA., '03; B.Sc. 

2 6 Graduates 

British Red Cross Society. 

Col. John Scott Riddell, M.V.O., member of Council of 
Scottish Branch and Commissioner for the N.E. 
District of Scotland M.A., '84 ; M.B. 

Alex. Thomson Arthur, Hopetoun Hosp., West Cults, 15 M.B., '80 

Brodie Cruickshank, Ivybank Hosp., Nairn, 20 M.A., '86 ; M.D. 

Win. Rt. Duguid, Portessie Hosp., Buckie, 26 M.A., '88 ; M.D. 

Wm. Manson Fetgusson > | Chalmers Ho sp., Banff, 40/ M ' R ' '° 5 ; M - D " 
John Charles Galloway, J I M.A., '96 ; M.D. 

Chas. Cormack Greig, Fyvie, and F. Cottage Hosp., 19 M.B., '73 

Wm. Hector, Tarland Lodge Hosp, Tarland, 20 M.B., '93 

John Elrick Kesson, Earlsmount Hosp., Keith, 25 M.B., '07 

Thomas MacHardy, Hospital, Cullen, 14 M.B., '89 

Eneas K. Mackenzie, Balnagown Castle Hosp., Tain, 30 M.B., '06 
Dan. Davidson Mackintosh, Bona-Vista Hosp., Aboyne, 15 M.B., '62 
George Mitchell, Drumdrossie Hosp., Insch, 30, and Leith 

Hall, Conv. Home, 14 M.B., '07 

Jas. Mitchell Munro, Haddo House Hosp., 7 M.B., '84 

Adam Stephen Niven, The Hall Hosp., Turriff, 20 M.A., '00; M.D. 
Alex. Reid, Hedgefield Hosp., Inverness M.B., '94; M.D. 

Thos. Alex. Sellar, Orphanage Hosp., Aberlour, 20, and 

Fleming Hosp., Aberlour, 10 M.B., '80 

? Stephen, Mountstephen Hospital, Dufftown, 10 
Henry Wm. Marty n Strover, Hosp. Hartlepool, Divisional 

Surg. St. John Amb. Brigade M.B., '00 

Jas. Troup, Stand Hosp., Whitefield, Manchester M.B., '99 

Wm. Alfred Watson, Huntly Cott Hosp., 15 M.B., '03 

John Osbert Wilson, „ „ ,,15 M.A., '73 ; M.D. 

The numerals after the names of Red Cross Hospitals in the above 
refer to th* number of beds in the Hospitals. 

Civilian Surgeons. 

James Spence Geddie, Queen Mary Military Hospital, 

Whalley, Lanes., aural and ophthalmic surgeon M.B., '01 

Alex. Graham-Stewart, M.O. Auxiliary Mil. Hosp., Margate M.B., '07 
James Wallace, Auxil. Mil. Hosp., Middlesex, No. 6 M.A., '88 ; M.D. 




Sub.-Lieut. H. Norman Macbeth Stud., y gi-g2 


Lieut.-Col. George Milne, C.B., V.D., commanding (with 
rank of Tempy. Lieut.-Col. in Army), 157th 
(City of Aberdeen) Brig. R.F.A. Arts Stud., '8l-'83 
David Rorie, R.A.M.C., 2nd Highl. Fd. Amb. 

Med. Stud., '82-'83 ; M.B. (Edin.) ; D.P.H. (Aberd.) 
Tempy. Maj. (Capt.) James Hector Edmond, O.C. A Batt, 

1 08th Brig. R.F.A. Stud., 'gS-gg 

Capt. Henry Brian Brooke (see p. 57), 3rd Gordon Hrs. 

Agr. Stud., '06-07 
„ Matthew Hay, R.G.A. 
•j- 2nd Lieut. James Duguid, 7th N. Staffordshire Regt., 
killed in action in Mesopotamia, 9 April, 
1916. Former Agr. Stud. 

,, „ John Farquhar Gordon (from Sandhurst, p. 

55), Gordon Hrs. Former Agr. Stud. 

„ tf Robert Crawford Buchanan Hay (Singapore 

Volunteers, p. 58) 
f„ „ Alfred George Morris, Gordon Hrs., killed in 

action, June, 1 91 6 Agr. Stud., 'n-'i2 

Walter A. Reid, 157th (City of Aberdeen) 

Brig. R.F.A. Former Agr. Stud. 


Capt. R. A. K. T. Catto, 3/4* Gordon Hrs. Stud., '91 -'92 

„ John Kellas, 6th Batt. Gordon Hrs., wounded 

Law Stud., 'o2-'o4 

28 Alumni 

Lieut. E. S. Sinclair, 3/4th Gordon Hrs. Stud., '91-92 

Tempy. Lieut. Fred. Wm. Bain (Qm.-Sergt. 4th Gordons, 
p. 56), 4th Gordon Hrs., wounded accidentally 25 
Dec, 191 5 ; mentioned in despatches ; Military Cross 

Former Agr. Stud. 
2nd Lieut. Joseph R. Fraser (Sergt. p. 57), 7th Gordon 

Hrs. U.F.C. Minister; Former Arts Stud. 

? „ „ T. W. McGillivray (Pte. p. 57) N.D.A. 

„ ,, David Burr Martin, 2/4th Highl. Fd. Coy. 

R.E. U.D.A., '13 

„ „ Thomas Kennedy Reith (L.-Corpl., A.S.C. 

p. 57) 1st Highl. Brig. R.F.A. Former Agr. Stud. 

„ „ James Robb (Bombr. R.F.A. p. 56), 3/4th 

Gordon Hrs. U.D.A., '12 

„ „ Robert A. Robertson (Pte. 4th Gordon Hrs. 
p. 57), 1st Highl. Div. Signal Coy. R.E. 

Sci. Stud.; B.Sc. Eng. (Glas.), '14 
James Ross, 2/4th Highl. Mtd. Brig. R.G.A. 

Agr. Stud., 'io-'i 1 
„ ,, Alex. Francis Smith (L.-Corpl. A.S.C. 

p. 57), 1st Highl. Brig. R.F.A. Former Agr. Stud. 

„ „ Robert James Smith (Pte. 4th Gordon Hrs. 

p. 57), 6th Sea forth Hrs. N.D.A.; Former Agr. Stud. 

Capt. Robert Scott Troup, United Prov. Horse Former Arts Stud. 


Capt. James Bryce Clarke, Egyptian Labour Corps, 

Medit. Exped. Force (see p. 58) Former Sci. Stud. 

Lieut. Geo. Murray Farquharson Foggo, Brit. E. Afr. Fd. 

Force About 1890 




Trooper William Anderson, 2nd Scot. Horse Former Agr. Stud. 

Ellis D. Reid Agr. Stud., 'i2-'i3 

„ Peter S. Syme, 1st Scot. Horse Agr. Stud., '11-12 

Enlisted 29 

Royal Artillery. 

Gunner Reginald Ian Davidson, 33rd Reserve Batt. 

R.F.A. M.A. (St. And.); Div. Stud., 'i3-'i6 

Bombardier Edward G. Thomson Teacher ; Stud., '06-og 

Royal Engineers. 

Corpl. Norman Scrimgeour Grieve, Chem. Section, France 

U.D.A., N.D.A., '15 


Om.-Sergt. Lewis Wm. Stewart, Transport Section, i/4th 

Gordon Hrs. Agr. Stud., 'i2-'i3 

Private Wm. Keith A. Jopp Chambers-Hunter, 3rd 
Seaforth Hrs. 

Assist. Superint. Rubber Plant., Ceylon; Former Med. Stud. 
,, Robert A. Robertson, 1/4 Gordon Hrs. (p. 66), 

commd. p. 28 Former Sci. Stud.; B.Sc. Eng. (Glas.) 

,, James David Sutherland, A Coy., 14th Argyll 

and Sutherland Hrs. Agr. Stud., '1 1 -' 14 

Army Service Corps. 

Corpl. Thomas Leslie Forbes Burnett, Mech. Transport 

Agr. Stud., 'o4-'o5 

Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Private Alex. Wilson Gordon, I /3rd Highl. Fd. Amb. Stud., 'o6-'o8 

Royal Army Veterinary Corps. 

Sergt. John Maclean Kennedy U.D.A., '11 

,, George Magnus Leslie U.D.A., '14 

Private Alex. Watt Taylor U.D.A., '13 

„ Alex. John Watt N.D.A ; U.D.A., '1 5 

Unit Unknown. 

Private William James Third Agr. Stud. 

30 Alumni 


Corpl. James Watt Fraser, 2nd (Canterbury) Inf. Batt. N. 

Zealand Exped. Force U.D.A. & N.D.A., '08 

Trooper David Anderson, 4th Canadian Mtd. Rifles Agr. Stud., '1 i-'i 3 
f ? Douglas Jamieson, 8th Australia Light Horse, killed 

on the Dardanelles, 17 Aug., 191 5 Former Agr. Stud. 

? Frank T. Napier, Canadian Exped. Force, The Ar- 
mories, Windsor, Ontario Agr. Stud., *09-'i2 

Cadet James Waite Mackay, Artists' Rifles O.T.C. Sci. Stud., 'io-'i 1 

Sergt. Charles A. Coquerel, Croix de Guerre Arts Stud., 'io-'ii ? 



{and Surgeon-Probationers). 

Royal Navy. 

Tempy. Sub. -Lieut. John Fiddes, Royal Naval Reserve 

2nd Med., 'i4-'i5 

Surgeon-Probationers for Temporary Service. 

James Duncan Brown 3rd Med., ' I 5-' 1 6 

Alexander Matheson Dugan 3rd Med., '1 5-'i6 

George S. Escoffery 3rd Med., '1 5-'i6 

Alex. Riach Forbes (O.T.C. p. 74) 3rd Sci. Med., 'i5-'i6 

Alex. Coutts Fowler (O.T.C. p. 74) 3rd Med., *I5-'i6 

Norman B. Gadsby (O.T.C. p. 74) 2nd Med., '15-' 16 

Robert Douglas Lockhart (O.T.C. p. 75) 3rd Med., 'i$-'i6 

Donald F. McGregor (O.T.C. p. 75) 4th Med., 'i5-'i6 

Alexander Cowie Paterson (O.T.C. p. 75) 3rd Med., 'i$-'i6 

Alex. Ritchie (O.T.C. p. 74) 3rd Med., '15-' 16 

John Alex. Ross (O.T.C. p. 75) 3rd Med., *i5-'i6 

Trevor Alex. Howard Smith 3rd Med., ' 1 5-'i6 

James Charles Sleigh (O.T.C. p. 74), H.M.S. "Laburnum" 

3rd Med., '1 5-'i6 

Alexander Ledingham Strachan (O.T.C. p. 75) 3rd Med., '15-16 

Frederick Wilson (O.T.C. p. 75) 3rd Med., 'r 5-'i6 


Royal Artillery. 

2nd. Lieut. John Mortimer McBain, Special Reserve 2nd Arts, ' 14-'! 5 
„ „ George Roderick Morgan, 2/3rd Northumbrian 

Brig., R.F.A. 1st Med., '15-' 1 6 

„ „ Edward Birnie Reid, R.F.A. 1st Arts 


32 Students 


f 2nd Lieut. Ian Catto Fraser (Corpl. 4th Gordon Hrs. p. 
66, and Cadet School, France), 2nd Argyll and Suther- 
land Hrs., killed in Flanders 25 Sept., 191 5 1st Arts 

Infantry Special Reserve of Officers. 

2nd Lieut. George Andrew Falconer Henderson (Pte. 4th 

Gordons, p. 68), 3rd Gordon Hrs. 1st Arts 


Lieut. Donald Macfarlane (Pte. R.A.M.C), I ith Gordon 

Hrs. 1st Med., 'i4-'i 5 

2nd Lieut. Percy Booth (Sergt. p. 66),attd. 1st Gordon Hrs. 3rdSc. Agr. 
„ „ Fred Attenborow Conner (Pte. 4th Gordon Hrs. 

p. 65), 2nd Seaforth Hrs. 1st Sci. Agr. 

,, ,, Henry Burness Cook (Pte. 3/4th Gordon Hrs. 

O.T.C. p. 74), nth Gordons 2nd Med., ' 1 5-'i6 

„ „ Ian Cumming (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 65) nth 

Gordon Hrs. About to matriculate 

,, „ James Findlay (Pte. Royal Fusiliers), 1 5th Batt. 

Northumberland Fusiliers 1st Med., '1 5-' 16 

„ „ Murdo Mackenzie (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 68), 

8th Cameron Hrs. 3rd Arts 

Ronald McRobert (O.T.C. p. 75), nth Batt. 

Royal Hrs. (Black Watch) 2nd Med., '15-' 16 

„ „ Forbes Robertson Mutch (O.T.C. p. 75), Lanes. 

Fusiliers 1st Med., ' 1 5-'i6 

f,, „ Robert Mackie Riddel (Pte. 6th Gordons, p. 
70), Gordon Hrs , killed in action in France, 
2 July, 1 91 6 2nd Arts and Med, 

Alfred Ritchie (O.T.C. p. 75 and Pte. 3rd 

Royal Scots), 18th Royal Scots 2nd Med., 'i4-'l5 



2nd Lieut. James G Mackenzie Booth, N. Scot. R.G.A. 3rd Arts 

Alan Alex. Duffus (Lieut. R.A.M.C. p. 62), 

Highl. Brig. R.F.A. 3rd Med., '14-'! 5 

Commissioned T.F. 33 

Royal Engineers. 

2nd Lieut. John Francis Ledingham, Highl. Div. Signal 

Coy. 1st Med., '15-' 1 6 

„ ,, James Frederick Walker (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 

66), Highl. Div. Signal Coy. About to matriculate 


2nd Lieut. John Archibald (Sergt. p. 70), 6th Gordon Hrs. 2nd Arts 
„ „ Arthur Morison Barron (Pte. p. 67), 7th Gordon 

Hrs., wounded 2nd time 1st Arts 

„ „ David Inglehart Westwood Birnie, 3/5th Black 

Watch 1st Agr., 'i4-'i5 

„ „ EdgarGeorge Wm. Bisset(O.T.C. p. 74), 3/5th 

Gordon Hrs. 2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 

,, „ Douglas Duncan Booth (Pte. 4th Gordon Hrs. 

p. 67), 6th Gordon Hrs., wounded 27 

April and 25 Sept., 191 5 1st Sci. 

„ „ Charles Bertie di Veri (Pte. p. 70), 6th Batt. 

Gordon Hrs. 2nd Arts 

„ „ Charles Donald (Pte. p. 67), 5 th Gordon Hrs. 1st Med. 

„ „ J. L. L. Duffus (Pte. p. 65), 7th Gordon Hrs. 

About to matriculate 
„ „ William Duffus (L.-Corpl. 4th Gordons, p. 

66), 2/6th Gordon Hrs. About to matriculate 

„ „ John Findlay Dykes (Pte. Highl. Div. Cycl. 

Batt. p. 65), 5th Scot. Rifles (Cameronians) 1st Agr. 
„ „ Herbert William Esson (Pte. 4th Gordon Hrs. 

p. 69) 3/4th Gordon Hrs. 1st Arts, 'i4-'l 5 

,, „ Albert Edward Gammie (Pte. Scot. Horse 

Fd. Amb. p. 71), 6th Gordon Hrs., wounded 1st Med. 
„ ,, Donald John Garden (Pte. p. 68), 6th Gordon 

Hrs. 1st Arts 

„ ,, John Noble Hendry (Pte. p. 70), 5th Gordon 

Hrs. 1st Sci., '14-' 1 5 

„ „ John M. Hall (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 66), 21st 

Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Scot.) 

About to matriculate 

34 Students 

2nd Lieut. Donald Fraser Jenkins (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 

70), 6th Seaforth Hrs. 1st Agr., '14-15 

„ „ Edwin Alfred Kennedy (L.-Corpl. 4th 

Gordons, p. 70), 6th Seaforth Hrs. 1st Agr., '14-' 1 5 
f„ „ William Robert Kennedy (Pte. 4th Gordons, 
p. 68), Seaforth Hrs., killed in Flanders 

25-27 Sept. 1st Med., ' 1 4-' 1 5 

„ ,, Edward Wilson Knox (Pte. p. 68), 4th 

Gordon Hrs. 3rd Arts 

„ ,, Douglas John Kynoch (Pte. p. 70), 4th 

Gordon Hrs. 1st Med., 'i4-'l5 

,, ,, James Dawson Leslie (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 

68), 6th Gordon Hrs. 2nd Arts 

Alex. McAulay (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 68), 

4th Seaforth Hrs. 1st Arts 

,, „ Ranald Macdonald, 7th Gordon Hrs. 

Asst. in Zool. ; 2nd Agr. 
,, „ Isaac Maciver (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 68), 4th 

Seaforth Hrs. istSci. 

,, „ Douglas Gordon MacLean (Pte. 4th Gordons, 

p. 68), 6th Gordon Hrs. 2nd Arts 

„ ,, Louis Wm. James Middleton (O.T.C. p. 75), 

5th Gordon Hrs. 2nd Med., '15-' 16 

,, ,, John Edward Mills (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 70), 

4th Gordon Hrs. 1st Agr. 

,, „ Alex. James Bolton Milne (Pte. 4th Gordons, 

p. 70), 4th Gordon Hrs. 4th Div., ' 1 4-' 1 5 

„ „ James Mundie (Pte. p. 70), 4th Gordon Hrs. Law, 'i4-'i5 

„ ,, Andrew John Murray (Sergt. 4th Gordons, 

p. 66), 4th Gordon Hrs. 1st Med. 

„ „ George Wm. Munro (Sergt. 4th Camerons, 

p. 71), Cameron Hrs. 1st Agr. 

„ „ Charles Edward Saunders (Pte. 4th Gordons, 

p. 66), 4th Gordon Hrs. About to matriculate 

,, „ John Moir Sim (Pte. 4th Gordons, p. 69), 

6th Gordon Hrs., wounded 1st Arts 

„ „ Arthur Percy Spark (Corpl. 4th Gordons, 

p. 67), 7th Gordon Hrs., relinquished com- 
mission 3rd Med. 

Enlisted 3 5 

2nd Lieut. Donald Stewart, Queen's Own Cameron Hrs. 

2nd Arts, '14-' 1 5 
„ „ James George Thomson (Pte. 4th Gordons, 

p. 69), 6th Gordon Hrs. 1st Arts 

„ ,, Robert Bayne Topping (Corpl. 4th Gordons, 

p. 69), 4th Gordon Hrs. 3rd Sci. Agr. 

„ „ Rupert Sharpe Walsh (Sergt. 4th Gordons, p. 

66), 4th Gordon Hrs. 1st Sci. 

„ „ Hugh Alex. Wark (Pte. 7th Gordons), 7th 

Gordon Hrs. 1st Arts, '1 5-'i6 


Royal Navy. 
Henry Wood, Sailor Govt. Transport 1st Arts, 'i4-'i 5 

Royal Naval Air Service. 
Private Hugh Fraser Hutchison, Mechanic 1st Agr., 'i4-'i5 

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. 

Robert William Urquhart, accepted for Wireless Service ; 

joins 24 July, 1916 2nd Arts, '1 5-'i6 

Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve Attendants. 

Patrick Grant Currid 2nd Arts & Med. ; '15-' 16 

Douglas Ross Dugan 1st Med., '1 5-'i6 

John Grant Elmslie (O.T.C.) 3rd Med., 'i5-'i6 
Henry James Home 1st Med., '1 $-'16 

John Ledingham 1st Med., '1 5-'i6 

Alfred George Mathieson (O.T.C. p. 75) 3rd Med., 'i5-'i6 

John Irvine Milne (O.T.C. p. 75) 2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 

Frederic Herman Molliere 2nd Med., '1 5~'i6 
James Denham Pole 1st Med., '15-16 

Vincent Murray McAdam Watson 2nd Med., 'l5-'l6 
Robert Alex. Grigor Young 1st Med., ' 1 5 -' 1 6 


Gunner Alex. Wesley Christie, N.Sc. R.G.A. Torry Batty. 

2nd Arts, 'l4-'i5 

36 Students 

Gunner Anthony Morrice Hendry, R.F.A. 1st Arts & Sci., ' I 5 -' 1 6 

Bombardier Malcolm Macaulay, Ross & Cmty. (Mtn.) 

Batty. About to matriculate 

? Alex. Luias McLeod, 157th (City of Aberd.) 

Brig. R.F.A. About to matriculate 

Sergt. Alex. Mathieson, Ross & Cmty. (Mtn.) Batty. 

About to matriculate 

Royal Engineers. 
Corpl. Ernest Russell Allison, M Coy. Chem. Section 

1st Sci., 'i4-'i 5 
f ,, John Bowie, Special Brigade, previously R.G.A., 
died from gas poisoning, France, June, 1916, 
aged 21 1st Arts & Sci. 

„ Fred. Grant Duncan Chalmers 3rd Arts & Sci., '14-' 15 

,, Joseph Evans Gordon, Chem. Section 3rd Agr., '1 5-*i6 

„ William Lawie 1st Med., 'l4-'l5 

Private Alex. Robertson, 1st Batt. Special Brigade B.E.F. 

2nd Arts & Sci., 'i5-'i6 
,, Carson Abbott Ainscough Ross, 108th Coy. 

Special Coys. B.E.F., France 1st Arts, 'l4-'l 5 

Pioneer Alex. C. Nicol, wounded, July, 1916 1st Arts, '1 5-'l6 

Pioneer Alexander Smith 3rd Arts & Sci. 


Scots Guards. 

Private Alasdair Mclntyre Smith (O.T.C. p. 74) 2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 

Royal Scots. 

Private John Gilbert Currid, 3rd Batt. U Coy. 3rd Arts, 'l5-'l6 

„ Alex. Adam Flett 1st Sci., '15-16 

„ Alex. Roy 1st Arts, 'i5-'i6 
„ Alfred Ritchie (O.T.C. p. 75), 3rd Batt, commd., 

see p. 32 2nd Med., '14-' 1 5 

„ William Sutherland 1st Arts, 'i5-'i6 

Royal Fusiliers (City^of London Regt.). 
Private John K. Ferrier, 1st Sportsman's Batt. 1st Sci., 'i4-'i5 

,, James Findlay, commd., see p. 32 1st Med., '1 5-'i6 

„ William Edward McCulloch, Pub. Schools Batt. 

1st Med., '15-16 

Enlisted 3 7 

ird Batt. Gordon Highlanders. 
Private William W. Murison 1st Arts, 'i 5-'i6 

4th Batt. Gordon Highlanders. 
Corpl. James Taylor Garden, 3 /4th 50th Arts Bursar, '1 5 

„ John Wm. Grant, 3/4* 2nd Arts, ' 1 4-' 1 5 

„ John Ogilvie Watt, 3/4A 1st Arts, 'i4-'i5 

L.-Corpl. Robert John Anderson, 3/4* 5th Agr. 

John Annand Fraser, 3/4A 3rd Arts, '15-' 16 

James Slater, 3/4th 1st Sci., 'i4-'i5 

George Morrison Thomson, 3 /4th 3rd Arts, '15-' 16 

Private Henry Burness Cook, 3/4th, commd., p. 32 2nd Med., '15-' 16 

Norman Dawson 1st Arts, 'i4-'i5 

John Russell Grant, 3/4* 2nd Law, ' 1 4-' 1 5 

Norman James Macfarlane Hilson 2nd Arts, '14-' 1 5 I Matr., '1 5 

„ Wm. Duff Kennedy, 2/4* 2nd Arts, 'i4-'i5 

„ Alex. Duncan Den Mackay, 3 /4th 

Rose Bursar ; 2nd Arts, 'i4-'i5 ; Matr., '15 
Peter Craik MacQuoid, 3/4A 3rd Arts, 'i5~'i6 

William Alex. Morrison 1st Arts, '14-' 15 

Robert Mackie Simpson 1st Arts, *i4-*i-5 

Robert Alex. Fordyce Smart, 3/4A 1st Med., 'i5-'i6 

„ James Harry Stewart About to matriculate 

Roy Brown Strathdee 1st Arts, '14-' 15 

Andrew James Baxter Taylor, 3/4* 3rd Arts, 'i5-'i6 

„ Atholl Thomson, 3/4A (p. 75) 2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 

$th Batt. Gordon Highlanders. 
Private Wilson Hy. Gordon Park, 3/51*1 1st Arts, 'l4-'l5 5 Matr., '15 
„ John Dean Riddel, 3/5* (O.T.C. p. 75) 

2nd Arts & Med., 'i5-'i6 

6th Batt. Gordon Highlanders. 
Private James McPetrie 3«"d Agr. 

Seaforth Highlanders. 
Private John Mackenzie Macfarquhar, 2 /4th 1st Arts, ' 1 4-' 1 5 ; Matr., '1 5 
„ Malcolm Robert Bain, 3/6th 16th Arts Bursar, '15 

Cameron Highlanders. 
Private Gilbert Alex. Pirie, 3/41*1 2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 

3 8 Students 

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 

Private Ian Forbes Clark Badenoch Arts Bursar, '15 

„ Norman McPh. MacLennan (O.T.C. p. 75) 1st Med, 'i4-'i5 
,, Peter Alex. Monro Jack 1st Arts, '1 5-*i6 

Royal Military College, Sandhurst. 
William J. Johnstone, candidate 1st Arts, 'i5-'i6 

Units Unknown. 

Private Wm. James Adam 2nd Med., '15-' 16 

? James Durward 3rd Arts and Sc. 

Private James B. Jessiman 2nd Med., '1 5-'i6 

„ John Macdonald 2nd Arts, '15-' 16 

„ William Robertson Milne (? R.A.M.C.) 1st Arts, '15-' 16 

„ Alex. Reid 64th Bursar, '15 

„ James Robertson 1st Arts, '14-' 15 


Private Cuthbert Alistair Allan, Hillsbro Barracks, Shef- 
field 2nd Med., 'i4-'i5 
„ Alex. Guthrie Badenoch, 4/ist Fd. Amb. 

1st Arts and Sci., '14-' 15 
Driver Herbert Anderson Eccles, Transp. Sect. 2/ 1st Highl. 
Fd. Amb., now B Section, 1st. Fd. Amb. 154th 
Inf. Brig. 51st Highl. Division 1 1st Arts 

Private William James Findlay, C Section 3rd Sci. (Agr.) 

„ James Durno Murray (fr. 4th Gordons, p. 68), 

4/ 1st Highl. Fd. Amb. 1st Arts 

„ Charles Leslie Noble, 2/ist Highl. Cas. CI. Stat. 

2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 
f ,, David George Melrose Watt, died on service 22 

April, 1916' 1st Med., 'i5-'i6 

1st Scottish General Hospital. 

Wm. George Burns, discharged to resume studies in Med. 2nd Med. 
Donald Macfarlane, now commd., p. 61 1st Med., 'i4-'i 5 

1 Correction of entry on p. 72. 

Enlisted 3 9 

Inns of Court O.T.C. 

Samuel Hoare, aftwds. D. Coy., 9th (Scottish) Cadet 

Batt. , Gailes 3 rd Arts , * 1 5 -' 1 6 

? James Hutcheon 2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 

Edinburgh University O.T.C. 

Alexander Eric Bruce 1st Arts, '15-' 16 

James William Gill 2nd Arts & Med., '15.' 16 

George Mackenzie Davidson Lobban 1st Med., '15-' 16 

Charles Joiner (Aberd. O.T.C. p. 75) M.A. ; 2nd Med., 'i5-'i6 

John Lumsden 3rd Arts, 'iS-'i6 

? Ritchie Doughty Lyon 3rd Arts, '1 5-'i6 

John Irvine Milne (Aberd. O.T.C. p. 75) 2nd. Med., 'i5-'i6 

Richard Robertson Trail 4th Arts, 'i5-'i6 

Boy Scouts on War Service. 
Scoutmaster William Douglas Simpson, under Coastguard 
Administrative Section of Aberdeen Boy Scouts 
Assoc. 2nd Arts, '14-' 15 

Private Francis Henry Lakin, invalided from Dardanelles, 
(R.A.M.C., p. 72), Sergt. 3/ist Highl. Div. Train, 
A.S.C. Corps (T) 1st Med. 

„ Alexander Smart 4th Arts, '15-16 


Sergt. Wm. James McBain 1st Sci. Agr., '14-' 1 5 

„ Bradley Martin Cameron 3rd Sci. Agr., ' 1 5-' 16 

„ Ian Munro Gill 1st Sci. Agr., 'i4-'i5 

,, Duncan MacRae 2nd Sci. Agr., * 1 5 -' 1 6 

„ Wm. Andrew Longmore, No. 4 Base Veterinary 

Hospital 2nd Sci. Agr., 'i4-'i5 

„ John Augustus Jackson Imlay 1st Sci. Agr., 'i4-'i5 

L.-Corpl. Robert C. M. Maitland 2nd Sci. Agr., 'i5-'i6 

„ Charles Milne 3rd Sci. Agr., 'i5-'i6 

? James Fairweather 2nd Sci. Agr., ' 1 5 -' 1 6 

William Morton Grant, on Guild Tent Work in Malta 3rd Arts, 'i4-'is 

40 Students 




Archibald Clive Irvine MA., 5th Med. 

Gordon J. Key 5th Med. 

Douglas Lyon 5 th Med, 

Andrew Henry Mitchell 5th Med. 


Autumn and Winter Terms. 

John James Hall Anderson ist Med. 

Charles Alastair Aymer 2nd Med. 

Hugh Wolfgang Corner ist Med. 

Robert Henry George Hector Denham ist Med. 

John Mitchell Duthie 1st Med. 

William Ferguson 1st Med. 

Archibald Newlands Forsyth ist Med. 

Ronald Kirkham Grant 1st Med. 

Charles Albert Hay 2nd Med. 

Douglas Alex. Hunter 1st Med. 

James Stuart Hutchison 1st Med. 

Edward White Irvine 1st Med. 
George Smith Lawrence M.A.; 5th Med. 

Douglas Reginald Macdonald 1st Med. 

Alex. Mackay 1st Med. 

Roderick MacLeod 1st Med. 

Donald Meldrum ist Med. 

Walter James Meldrum ist Med. 

John Milne 1st Med. 

Robert Bruce Milne 1st Med. 

Alex. Murray 1st Med. 

Alex. Edwin Reid 1st Med. 

Edward Norman Duncan Repper 1st Med. 

Norman Charles Simpson ist Med. 

Alex. Forbes Stuart 1st Med. 

Officers Training Corps 41 

Norman Taggart ist Med. 

Andrew James Wolhuter ist Med. 

Summer Term, 191 6. 

Francis Pirie Wilson Alexander ist Med. 

Gerard Burnett Ist Med - 

James Clark Ist Med - 

John Craig Ist Med - 

Arthur Austin Eagger ist Med. 

George S. Escoffery 4th Med. 

Edward James Ist Med - 

Matthew Hannah Logg I st Med - 

Kenneth Norman Macdonald ist Med. 

Hugh McLaren ist Med. 

David George Ewen Main ist Med. 

George Strattam Martin 5* Med. 

John Innes Moir ist Med. 

Lewis Morgan 1st Med. 

John Bernard Mutch 5th Med. 

William Wyness Nicol 5 th Med. 
Charles Reid M.A., B.Sc, 4th Med. 

George Saint ist Med. 

Robert Alexander Fordyce Smart ist Med. 

John Callagan Souter ist Med. 

Cecil Vivian Spark ist Med. 

Robert Thorn 5 th Med. 

Alexander Louis George Thomson ist Med. 

William Duke Whamond 5th Med. 
Vincent Thomas Borthwick Yule M.A., 5th Med. 

Summary of the Provisional Roll and this 


I. Members of the Staff not Graduates of this University 
II. Graduates Commissioned — 

Royal Navy — Medical Service (incl. 4 civilians) 
Regular Army, incl. S.R.O. and Tempy. Commissions 
„ R.A.M.C, incl. S.R.O. and Tempy 
Commissions ...... 

Territorial Force 

„ R.A.M.C 

Indian Army, incl. Reserve of Offirs. and Volunteers 

India Medical Service 

Army Chaplains Department .... 
Overseas Forces (incl. 32 Med. Offirs. and 1 Chapl.) 

Total of Graduates Commissioned 
Graduates Enlisted ...... 

,, Serving with Brit. Red Cross or as Dressers 
,, on Y.M.C.A. Service to Troops 

Total of Graduates on Service 

„ in charge of Red Cross and other Military 
Hospitals ...... 

III. Alumni (non-Graduates) Commd. (incl. 7 Meds., 1 Chapl. 
„ ,, Enlisted 

Red Cross 

Serving with Brit 
Total of Alumni 

on Service 

IV. Students Commissioned 

„ Enlisted .... 
,, Serving as Dressers, etc. . 

Total of Students on Service 

Total of Members of Univ. and Alumni on Service 
Add those who but for Service would have matriculated . 
,, Sacrist and Univ. Servants on Service 

Total on Service 


Students in Aberd. Univ. O.T.C 

Graduates and Members of Staff in Aberd. Milit. Training 
Assocn. .......... 

Total under Training 
Total on Service and under Training